Food allergy?

In the ‘old days’, the vegetarian at an event would be singled out and viewed as the strange one sitting on table 10. “What do you mean you don’t eat meat?”… “I’ll have your share”.

Nowadays the RSVP drop box includes everything BUT the standard option. Sometimes you have to question whether you should come up with an allergy. No need for this, however be pleased for your friends that have serious dietary requirements knowing that they won’t be left hungry.

Day Delights get it and have you and your friends covered. We want everyone to feel satisfied after spending the day celebrating. It’s as easy as having a chat to your Day Delights host and letting them know of your guests dietary requirements. We’ve heard them all, we get it, and we’ll look after it.

Day Delight Tip: Tell your friends not to worry about bringing their own food to the party!

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