Mother’s Groups

The bond you share as you go through the magical time of pregnancy is sometimes hard to explain. The most important thing is to hold on to these friendships and spend time together reminiscing, sharing experiences, and of course asking the ‘has your baby …? questions’.

You’ve got your hands full and so do all your friends with new borns. When it comes to planning the next get-together you know you can’t possibly get away with the ‘oh I’m sorry I’ve got to look after my little one’ excuse. At Day Delights we know you have little time for yourself and we want to change that.

Think fresh air, time to relax, sweet treats, and quality time together with your mother’s group. A day to spoil yourself with some ‘you’ time. You’ve got enough to do, free up your time for yourself and just turn up, enjoy the adult interaction and cherish being together. Embrace some TLC and leave the rest to Day Delights, you deserve it.

Day Delights Tip: Remember that feeling of being completely present in a conversation? Do yourself a favour and experience this again.

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