Planning… where do I start?

Your best friend’s big day is not far away. You’ve been crowned as one of the bosom buddies to create the ultimate hens celebration in her honour. No pressure!

Organising, planning, coordinating… these words make you shiver just thinking about everything involved. What if no one turns up? What if you get lumped with the bill? What if you don’t organise enough food?

There is no way you can let anyone catch wind that you’ve got no idea where to start. You’ve got a job to do and you’ve got your best friend relying on you.  Take a deep breath and keep reading… we’re here to help; we’ll make the day a delight.

Event management is what we do best at Day Delights … and we love it! We have to-do lists posted all over our houses, we manage our family reunions, we could tell you what we have planned for dinner in 18 months’ time. We will soon become your new best friend.

Forget about the to-do lists, the worry of time keeping, the decision making and ensuring everyone is having a good time. We’re only a phone call or email away – make your friend’s day a delightful one for all. Your friend will be throwing the brownie points to you and you can take all the credit.

Day Delight Tip: You’re one of her favourites, you need to be a part of the celebrations, not stressing about the time and where you have to herd the group.