Bridesmaids take note

Hens celebrations should reflect the personality of the bride, and let’s face it some of us still have some dignity, maybe not all of it, but at least some!

Shock Horror
Believe it or not, you can still have a girl’s night out WHEN YOU’RE MARRIED! This is not the end of your crazy party days where you let your hair down and regret everything you did the night before. There’s always time for that. Make this a special occasion for your best friend – she’ll appreciate the memories.

Naturally, the bride-to-be wants to look her best. She wants to glow in front of her favourites, she is the guest of honour after all. I’m not sure about you but condoms pinned to a veil is not my cup of tea!

Not another to-do list
I think you can agree that the bride and bridesmaids have enough on their plate – this can be overwhelming for some and put people completely out of their comfort zone. How about you just give Day Delights a brief and tell us about your best friend and leave the rest to us. If you want to handball the whole shebang over, we’re ready and waiting.

Not enough food and drink – everyone’s nightmare. Regardless of how amazing an event is, this is what the majority of people will talk about if they leave hungry. Don’t worry about how much to order or what to have, we will have it covered.

Do or Dare
We all love a bit of fun but pointless dares that make people feel uncomfortable and embarrassed to see their Aunty Floss at the next family get-together are not cool. We take the more stylish approach at Day Delights when it comes to finding out about the bride-to-be… something for all ears to hear but don’t worry we’ll still manage to reveal some secrets for you.

Day Delights Tip: You know your best friend, that’s why you are the chosen one. Make her proud and create a day that reflects how beautiful she really is.