Typical trashy hens

Now everyone get out the shortest skirt you own, the push up bra that makes you bulge in every direction, and start to practice your pout with the penis straw. Meanwhile the tacky tiara, hideous sash and flashing penis necklace are being prepared for the bride-to-be.

There is so much pressure to have fun and get drunk at a hens party so the Hen thinks you really love her. Have you noticed that every guest has to buy the Hen a drink before the ‘fun’ really kicks in? Minutes later she’s passed out. The photos are a saviour to piece together the night.

Forget the drunken antics, the inappropriate photos, fake tan from the strippers that stain your new Wayne Cooper dress. Your school days are behind you, the days when hangovers came and went. It’s nice to actually remember this time together and feel fresh the next day.

Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE to have fun at Day Delights but we think having a bit of style and class to go with it makes it more special. We value beautiful keepsake photos with loved ones.

Day Delight Tip: Make it special, something that you haven’t done together and something you can enjoy with your little cousin and nan.

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