Make 2019 the year of YOU!

Make 2019 a year that you concentrate on YOU and your happiness! Spend time with the ones you love. Girlfriends that make you laugh and love you for you!

New Year’s resolutions often include cutting things out. How about ADDING in more of the good stuff? The health benefits of spending time with your girlfriends are incredible.

At Day Delights we get it, we’re all busy, the demands of life can be grueling, but it’s time to take control. Take a step back and think about what gives you those feel good vibes. Fun, laughter, quality time and relaxation are what Day Delights events are all about.

Make this year your year and get your favourites together for a Ladies Day Out or celebrate a special event in style like your besties hens, baby shower or birthday! Your mind, body and soul will thank you for it!

Here are 5 ways a Day Delights event can make you healthier and happier this year:

  1. Happiness is contagious
    If someone smiles at you, it’s very hard not to smile back. Day Delights events are full of smiles – you won’t be able to resist.
  1. Inspiration and encouragement
    When you are around optimistic people that love to have a good time, you will too. It’s amazing the energy you can get from your friends. They can give you strength to achieve anything.
  1. See more sunrises
    Hangovers and burning the candle at both ends are over-rated. Swap a drunken girls night out with a day of relaxation and laughter. You’ll have the energy to see so much more of the next day.
  1. Time out
    Being surround by partners, colleagues and children is lovely, but sometimes it’s nice having a conversation without getting interrupted or having little hands pulling at your legs. You deserve a break, have a grown up day with adult conversations.
  1. Play a starring role in creating memories
    Love looking back at your childhood memories and the crazy things you used to get up to with your friends? Why not add another memory to the library.

Day Delights Tip: Make time for you and your loved ones. You are a reflection of the people that surround yourself with.