Searching for that ‘WOW’ factor?

You have your big event coming up. You’ve got a date and a venue set, a guest list sorted, Aunty Betty is putting on the spread, but something’s missing.

Is it that look to make it the event of the year? That extra special touch to give it that ambiance, that ‘WOW’ factor?

At Day Delights, we have beautiful decor pieces to create a setting that you will love. It’ll make your hens, baby shower, ladies day or birthday stand out from the rest. Plus, we will style it all for you so you can focus on other important things, like what you’re going to wear! Think elegant picnic set up, lace parasols, gorgeous handmade ladders, fun photo props, lawn games, bunting, plus much more to create an elegant vintage themed event.

No need to spend time and money scurrying around trying to find that perfect decoration that you’re going to use once and then throw away or keep in the back of your cupboard for ‘next time’. We’ve got you covered with our Decor packages. We love putting our creative minds together to style new spaces and give it that ‘WOW’ factor.

We also have some very talented friends who can make one off pieces. If you have your heart set on something that you would like to add to your décor, let us know and we’ll do our best to help where possible.

Day Delights Tip: Do you really need all that bunting? Save cluttering your cupboard after your party with all the one off decorations that you’ll probably never use again.


Friendship Goals!

Love your girlfriends, but life gets in the way of seeing them as much as you would like?

At Day Delights, we get it. Life gets busy and before you know it, your celebrating Christmas again. Make an effort this year to lock in a day with your ladies. Whether you share a month of birthdays, your bestie is expecting a baby, or soon to be hitched, or you’re just after an excuse to catch up and laugh – do it now before the end of the year creeps up on you.

All you have to do is find a date that suits, let us know and then we’ll do the rest!

Here’s why your body, soul and friends will thank you for it…

  1. Surrounding yourself with loved ones
    Stories and laughs are the best when you share them with your favourites! We have created plenty of opportunity for your endorphins to run wild!
  2. Taking in the fresh air
    Everyone can benefit from a tech detox. Put your phone down and spend quality time in the great outdoors. Take in the fresh air and enjoy the simple things in life. There is so much beauty that surrounds you.
  3. Sipping on wine
    Tantalise your taste buds with new flavours. Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or just in it for the fun, you can all enjoy tasting local wines and grazing on delicious antipasto platters. The vineyard will set the scene!
  4. Do something new
    Venture out and explore the beautiful country we are so lucky to live in. The handpicked locations we have in store for you will be sure to impress you with their natural beauty and history.

Day Delights Tip: Don’t let another month slip by before you reconnect with your girlfriends.

Birthday excitement

Remember the excitement of going to bed early as a child, knowing that when you woke up it would be one of the best days of the year… your 5th birthday!

The house filled with streamers, lollies, cake, presents and wonderful people smothering you with kisses and cuddles. And then you find yourself running around in circles giggling with your kindergarten friends with a balloon attached to your wrist.

What a feeling!

Hold on to your inner child excitement. Maybe not the running around in circles part, but definitely the feeling of being loved.

We are all unique and special in our own way and that in itself is a reason to celebrate. No matter how big or small the milestone, Day Delights is all about making you feel like an absolute delight on your birthday. You are the guest of honour and deserve all the love… and your family and friends enjoy a good birthday celebration as well!

Think elegant vintage styled picnic in the beautiful nature of the Hawkesbury. Being waited on by your Day Delights hosts, enjoying delicious food and wine and spending quality time with your favourites – which is so valuable in our busy lives today.

Get in touch (or subtly share our page with your loved one) and let us help you celebrate your day of birth in style.

We host kids birthdays all the way though to the beautifully matured!

Day Delights tip: Hold on to your inner child excitement for birthdays. Everyone loves to celebrate!


Hip Hip Hooray

Whether it’s a milestone birthday or just an excuse to get together, make it one to remember. Day Delights think you’re worth it and we want to spoil you. Enjoy time with your friends and family and make beautiful memories – after all, they are celebrating you.

We’ve all been there. Spending half your time in the kitchen, paying a fortune on venue hire and apologising when saying goodbye for not catching up properly. Now it’s your chance to kick back, keep your frock clean of the oil stains, and cherish moments with your loved ones.

Everyone is unique and Day Delights want to make your birthday a reflection of how special you are. We are all about the extra little touches and attention to detail. If you are after something even more delightful, Day Delights have many friends (no not from rent-a-crowd) but beautiful friends who can help out with extra special delights such as make up, personalised cupcakes, décor or even a special mode of transport if you and the girls want to be chauffeured around.

We would love to celebrate you in style, Day Delights style.

Day Delights Tip: You should celebrate, it’s the only birthday you’ll get this year.