Baby Shower

Bringing a new baby into this world is one of life’s most precious moments. Celebrate it in style with an elegant baby shower event.

Baby Shower Packages:
♥ Morning Delight
 Brunch Delight
♥ Afternoon Delight
♥ Day Delight

Day Delights baby showers are all about frocks, style and loveliness to celebrate the lead up to the birth of your little bundle of joy. As you start your pregnancy journey, watching your body and priorities change, your unusual cravings kick in, and your emotions take height, make the most of this precious time and create special memories with a Day Delights event.

Your event will have everything you and your little one need – fresh air, relaxation, and your nearest and dearest to shower you in love. With handpicked locations, you won’t have to worry about cleaning before and after your celebration, leave that with us.

Your baby shower is all about you, and surrounding yourself with your favourites. Before it’s too late and your bump (and breasts) triple in size, start to think about celebrating this momentous occasion.

If you have always dreamed of having your baby shower at home or a particular venue, let us know and we can bring the décor to you. Check out our Décor packages.

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